FREDDY 60 IRINOX Built-In Blast chiller

Built-in appliances  Built-in blast chiller 

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- Dimensions (H x W x D): 59,5 x 59,7 x 59 cms. 

- Technical details: 

Freddy, a professional-standard blast chiller, is designed to fit into all standard 60 cm tall units. It is convenient and practical to fit and is enhanced by an uncluttered design with no protrusions. Made in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, it merges seamlessly with any type of kitchen furniture or décor. Freddy is available in stainless steel, black glass or any material from the De Castelli range. Freddy is operated via an easy-to-use digital interface with multiple functions. The controls are soft-touch, entirely without push buttons.  All Freddy components comply with the most stringent international environmental and food safety standards.

Technical specification:

- Blast chilling cycle output (+90 °C to +3 °C): 3,5 Kilos.

- Shock freezing cycle output (+90 °C to -18 °C): 3 Kilos.

- Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz.

- Max. absorbed power (Heating+chilling function): 500 W

- Total current draw (Heating+chilling function): 2,2 A

- Compressor power: 0,33 Hp

- Refrigerant: R209

-  Standard accessories: 2 Stainless steel wire shelves / Core probe / Hygienizing spray / 1 microfribre cloth

- Installation requirements: The appliance comes with a power cord (2 mts. long). Make sure there is at least 50 mm clearance at the top of the cavity. Fit the appliance away from heat sources, ovens or appliances that produce heat. Provide a Schuko socket behind the appliance.