WAVE 45 IRINOX Built-in Water dispenser

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- Dimensions (H x W x D): 45 x 59,7 x 54,7 cms.

- Technical Details:

Wave is available built-in, 45 cm high. Wave comes with a disposable CO2 cylinder (standard) and can also be used with rechargeable cylinder. Inside Wave there is a disposable CO2 cylinder which must be periodically changed. The carbon dioxide consumption depends on the degree of sparkle used for the water.

- Technical specification:

- Compressor power: 65 W

- Voltage: 230 V - 50/60 Hz

- Chilled and sparkling water production: 16 Lts/H. 

- Adjustable carbonation system: min.-max. 3,5/6 bar

- Adjustable cold water temperature: 4, 6, 8 °C

- Max. absorbed power: 340 W

- Refrigerant: R304a

- Capacity of disposable CO2 cylinder: 2700 Lts./1 year

- Standard accessories: 1 x class 1 NSF-certified filter / 1 x 600 g. disposable CO2 cylinder / 1 tumbler stand / 8 mm food-grade tube for water connection with 3/8” M connector / Overflow safety device / Overflow valve

- Installation requirements: The appliance comes with a power cord (1.5 m long) and Schuko plug. A power supply and water inlet are required for fitting. A polyethylene food-grade tube is provided, with 3/8” M connector. For the built-in version on tall units, fit the pull-out runners on the internal side panels of the cabinet. It is essential to leave at least 50 mm clearance at the back of the cabinet from the top to the bottom of the tall unit. Fit the appliance away from heat sources, ovens or other appliances that produce heat or require the circulation of large amounts of air. Pull the appliance out of its position for periodical maintenance. Check the filter and CO2 cylinder regularly. The duration of the filter incorporated in the appliance is 2700 litres or 1 year. The filter must always be in good condition. When the filter stops working, water is no longer dispensed. This is preceded by a beep at 2000 litres warning that the filter must be changed. Wave houses a disposal CO2 cylinder which must be replaced as and when necessary. The amount of carbon dioxide used depends on the level of sparkle chosen for the water. On request the system can be prepared for the use of a 4 kg rechargeable external CO2 cylinder with a 3.5 m connecting pipe.



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